Bucharest, Romania

Contact person: Emanuela POPESCU

School Scoala Gimnaziala Maria Rosetti it’s a primary and secondary public school placed in the second district of Bucharest with a stable population formed mostly by middle-class families. The school was built and functioned since 1960. 
The school is equipped with 19 classrooms (equipped with projectors) and 4 labs of which one computer lab with interactive whiteboard, bio-chemistry lab, psycho-pedagogical counseling lab and religion. In the 19 classrooms study 30 classes of students in two shifts. We have a library, a gym, and a medical room.
We have both compulsory courses and optional courses which can be chosen by our students together with their parents. 
Our school has now more than 850 pupils from 6 – 15 years old and 43 teachers with high qualifications. There is a little number of pupils with special needs, migrants, refugees, but has a great number of pupils belonging to different ethnical communities (Armenian, Macedonian, Rroma, Jewish) and different religions (orthodox, Greco-catholic, Romano–catholic, muslins, mosaic and others). All the pupils from our school are perfectly integrated in our school community. 
We also have a few students with special educational needs, 32 students, for whom we have assured a teacher and a counselor who helps them in keeping up with the school requirements. We don’t have refugee students, but we have 20 Roma students in our school.