Primary School of Mytilini


9th Primary School of Mytilini

Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece

Contact person: Eleni ZERVOU

The school 9th Primary school of Mytilini is situated in the town of Mytilini, capital of Lesvos Island in the North-eastern Aegean Sea in Greece. Our school has 200 students between 6-12 years old.
They are primarily of Greek nationality but there are also Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian pupils. Recently, in our school population, we’ve had a new class of welcome and integration for refugee children from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kongo.
The school has 20 classrooms with video projectors, two interactive boards and a computer lab.
Our students have average and above average results at learning; we do not have problems with juvenile violence or dropout.
We have a few who are additionally helped by an extra qualified teacher.
No disabled students.
No disabled students of any kind or disability.
The school has 19 teachers and non-teaching personnel – a psychologist and a social-worker