Petko R.Slaveykov


Primary School “Petko R.Slaveykov”

Varna, Bulgaria

Contact person: Milena YANCHEVA

“Petko R. Slaveykov” schools is a primary school. It is located in the central part of the town of Varna, Bulgaria. Varna is the third biggest town on the territory of Bulgaria. It has got 350 000 people living in it. Varna is on the coast of the Black sea. It is an ancient place, ancient town – with a lot of history, traditions and culture. It has got a lot of museums, festivals, sports events, concerts, exhibitions.

Our school is a in the area of the central part of Varna. We have got pupils from the local area, middle class and upper class. The school is in the leading positions for being a preferable place to study. Our students have a lot of prizes in the local, national and world mathematical competitions. Graduating the school the students are accepted in the best high schools for IT, Mathematics, Languages and Sciences. Our pupils are occupied in a lot of local projects, extra classes, innovations.

Our school is innovative school- we use a lot of new technologies, platforms and methods – but in controlled and meaningful way. We don’t have immigrants. But we have got representatives of different ethnic groups, living in Bulgaria and Varna: we have Turks, Armenians, Chinese etc.

In the building of our school there are two schools- we and a high school. We study on shifts. We have got 32 classrooms, 3 computer labs, 3 interactive boards. Most of the rooms have a computer or a lap top and a media.

Our pupils are 1100 in number – age 6-14. The teachers are 70.